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Black bear hunting in the PNW

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It's about time to prepare for fall bear hunting here in oregon, in the coming weeks i will make a drive down to the coast to try my luck with black bears. This will be my first bear hunt, and i'm excited. I will be Hunting with my .338 WM, and using 225 grain nosler partitions.

Anyone have any experience hunting blackies in the pacific northwest? I dont know really anyone who hunts bear around here, my granpa did, but he has moved out of state. From all that i have read the bear numbers are booming right now due to low hunting pressure and the fact that its illegal to bait or use hounds. Hopefully this will be updated in the coming weeks with pictures of my bear, id love to see others post pictures of there PNW blackies too, goodluck to all.
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not very likely ill be seeing anything over a 100 yards, but it would not be out of the realm of possibilitys to get a shot oppurtunity at 2-3 hundred yards. I was told to find a nasty brush hole with berrys and whatnot and watch it, if theres bear sign of course. What part of western washington you from? im from the vernonia area. The last bear my granpa got around here was a little over 400 lbs, so they can get some size.
Thanks Helix, thats great advice, im hoping to post some pictures soon, hopefully some other members get some pictures posted too.
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