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This may be old hat to you "Mossy Backs", but maybe the new hunter can learn something! Sooner or later it's going to happen! A pulled shot, an arrow juat a little far back, or whatever...And you have a blood trail to work and to make it worse it's sundown! This is when the dog people start getting calls..most calls could have been avoided if the hunters would stash a black light in their trucks. In the fishing section of most "good" catalogs you will find a two bulb black/flo "D" batt fishing light about 10" long. They are used to see mono lines at night, etc. What most people don't know is that blood, human or animal, glows under black light! In the Southeast Fall we have leaves of red, yellow, brown, etc on the ground. Blood, only minutes dropped, is extremely hard to see. Most new hunters just give up and say they missed...when their game may be down only a hundred yards away! With a black light things really light up...drops on the ground, on the bushes as the game brushed by, and even in the mud. The nice thing about the two bulbs is you can switch back and forth, using the flo bulb to walk out, etc.
We all keep one the the trucks and in the boats!
Best Regards, James
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