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Keep yourself out of the next black out, it's also a way to help the environment, brew your own clean electricity, it is easier than you think and cheap! Not only will you not be giving your money to power companies, but you might not be effected by the next black out.

Here is a new free discussion board about making your own usable electricity.
(You might want to add this to your good board list)

Example thread for beginners electricity (easy) ml

Another example thread for beginners (easy) ml

It has lots of advanced stuff too, and friendly people.
It also has some threads asking WTF? example thread ml

The main page ml

There are lots of good scientific links there, I mean "How To - (everything homebrew science)" so don't just click on one link and not find your way back, bookmark the board, then check out a link, so you don't miss all the other good links.

It even has a thread on electric guns, no kidding.

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