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By Sam Fadala and Dale Storey. A hands-on book for hobby gunsmiths from a black powder expert and a leading custom gunsmith. Tools, techniques and projects for amateurs with widely varying skill and equipment levels- from kitchen table to home workshop. This book would be useful for anyone wishing to build a blackpowder firearm. The basics are covered as well as instruction on building a variety of production kits. There is a section on mule ear locks and also one on tuning locks and improving trigger function. I got this book at the libray but own Sam Fadala's Blackpowder notebook which is a useful introduction to muzzleloading. when I priced the components and barrels and stocks I put a price of $1000 for all the very best and correct parts to build a custom Pennsylvainia rifle. The rifle I considered was a .54 caliber Berks county/ Reading Pa. or a Wommelsdorf school in the style of gunmaker Wolfgang Haga.
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