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A while back Ross Seyfried did an article  in "Handloader" called "Turbocharging the .45 Colt".  Basically, he was looking at new powders that would be usable in factory stock revolvers, and give a balistic edge over traditional loads.  

When I purchased my Blackhawk in 1970, I was loading a 250 grain bullet over W296 for about 1300 fps.  Now Hodgdon has Lil Gun that will drive a 265 grain bullet to 1450 fps, a 305 grain to 1240 fps, and stay within pressure limits.

As I was ordering a can of Lil Gun today, a couple of guys at the gun shop were wondering if they could shoot these loads in their Vaqueros, as they feel the top strap over the cylinder is a bit less stout than the Blackhawks.  What say ye to this??

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When I checked with several prominent gunsmiths, both "felt" that long term, the Blackhawk would hold up better.  My circumstances were a little different than you pose. I was ordering a 5 shot .45 Colt that would approach .454 performance.  I would suggest one of the best people to answer your question would be John Linebaugh -- phone (307) 645-3332.


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