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Blackhorn 209

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Supposedly its non-corrosive. Which is why I'm real interested. Has anyone tried it?
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Has anyone used this powder in a cva optima? I bought some and I'm having ignition trouble, I get hangfires and no fires. Sometimes the second primer will set it off, but once I had to pull the breech plug and empty the bore. That time I had to pull the breech plug I found the bullet and powder charge had been pushed up the bore about 2 inches but no boom, yes the load was seated in the first place. 100gr of BH209 and a hornady sabot, cci standard 209 primers, flash hole was clear every time. Do I need a magnum primer or to alter my breech plug? At this point I sure wouldn't trust it to hunt with, I'm using triple 7 for now, never had a bit of trouble with that. Thanks
1 - 1 of 35 Posts
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