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Blackhorn 209

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Supposedly its non-corrosive. Which is why I'm real interested. Has anyone tried it?
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Dixie is testing Blackhorn 209 powder now. The results look outstanding indeed. We are also planning to test Black Dot later.
There is no crud buildup (like 777) with Blackhorn 209 at all. Our accuracy load at present is 90 grs (by volume) of Blackhorn 209 - WW 209 primer - Lehigh .458" 265/275 gr HP in a orange sabot. We will be field testing this combo during the upcoming Florida ML season. The rifles are Tradition's Yukon and Pursuit XL .....and one TC Encore.
Regards, James
Although I like period muzzle loaders, Lately I have been working to see just how far I could go with advanced components in a modern ML.
I picked the Traditions Pusuit break open - Lehigh .458" 275 gr - Blackhorn 209 powder - MMP orange sabot.
I found the best accuracy at 90 grs (by volume). his load grouped at 2" - 5 shots - 100 yards bench rest.
As for the chamber plug.....see attachment....James


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Over the past few years, we have learned a great desl about high perforamnce muzzleloaders indeed. Whilel the rag writers have had a hay-day harping about various new sub powders, some others have worked very hard at finding out just what it took to make a ML shot like a modern cartridge gun.
This in no way takes away from the traditionalist with sidehammers guns, etc.
We now have a bulk smoleless powder (Blackhorn 209) that acts like a smoleless powder. Yes, it is harder in ignite, but not more than any other smokeless powder. Yes. we have learned what design breech plug is needed.
We face the same problem with Blackhorn as with other smokeless powders. If one is getting the load to move forward and not lighting happens in shotgun shells. When it happens, you have pressure, but not enough heat!.
Now, close examination of the sample I posted....itis critical that the passage way is the correct size! If the hole is too small...pressure but not enough heat. If he hole is too large....ignition, but 209 primer setback that might tie up a break open gun.
I tried Blackhorn 209 in my ROA's....I could not get it to fire with bronze Trsco-Ampco nipples.....however it would fire in regular nipples that had been open up some....but there was severe flash by showing too much fire/pressure coming back. This was corrected some by using the plastic cap guards.
Bottom line is simple.....if you go with Blackhorn sure the flash hole is as shown on the attachment I posted.
It seems to me as being somewhat backward when those use older powder designs (including black) in these modern high performance ML's.
As I said before....decide what you are trying to accomplish and then make some small modifications.
I still hunt/shoot my sidehammer guns, but load them with powders designed for that type of firearm.
In this case one must decide whether they are Fish or Fowl.
Regards, James
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I am at loos as to the difference in weighed weights you found. Maybe some runs of the powder are less dense or heavey. We have not run inti that in our tests.
Now....there have been some reports about te problem with the firingpin sticking in TC. My brother Clay had that trouble in his Encore. It appeared to be caused by blow back fouling.
Over the years we have learn quite a bit about 209 typr guns. e noe knoe the the hole between the 209 and the powder must be cleaned of all carbon/fouling and there has been an ideal size of te hole.
I have atttached again...the drawing of the ideal hole size.
Regards, James


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Dixie just finished extensive testing of modern muzzle loaders and we have some real winners!
Blackhorn 209 (80 to 100 grs) - 300 gr Harvester PT Gold - MMP EZ sabots - Traditions Pursuit.
Simple! James
Excellent indeed! You have had the same results as we got with Blackhorn 209!
I might add here that we settled on the EZ sabot.
Another point.....get some Flitz in the tube ans use it with a tight patch in your ML barrel! It will just burnish the bore! We have found it helps accurcy as well as loading.
We have now acquired a Uberti 1858 Remington handgun and 1858 Remington revolving carbine. Dixie will be testing these for short range swamp deer hunting. I think the carbine will be best with a conical bullet.
We can not use Blackhorn 209 in these guns, so we will begin with Swiss FFFg and then Triple Seven.
Regards, James
Interesting indeed! I see that other posters are discussing what I said....keep the breechplug clean!
Now.....I think that Blackhorn 209 is the most advanced powder available for the ML 209 guns and also loading some of the oldtimers like .38-40, .44-40, .45-70 and so on!
It has been found to not work in percussion guns that use a side hammer rifles and cap& ball handguns. What you can do in make a little dipper from an fired .22 rimfire hull and drop that amount of good black (Swiss is best) in first.....followed by you Balckhorn 209.
I know there are some shooters that will stay with black....but I would bet if Hawkens had had Blackhorn 209...he woukd be pushing it indeed!
The yest we do on ML's are not aimed at the cowboy shooters, or those that just like to play with historical guns.....but rather aimed at meat hunters.
Regards, James
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As I have said before.......BH209 does not work in in side-hammer guns that use a percussion cap!
We spent a good deal of time this summer and last summer testing all types of powder, balls, conicals, etc. in inlines and percussion cap giuns at Dixie Slugs!
The best bullet so far has been the Harvester Saber bullet (300 gr), followed by their PT Gold. The best powder in inlines has been BH209....and 777 in percussion guns.
The cool primers left no crud ring until we went over 80 grs (black eqiv) with 777.
Regards James
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