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Bleaching a gunstock

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I had a large piece broken out at the tang of my shotgun stock. I prepped the stock and put an add on piece of walnut. It turned out pretty good except when I stained the stock the add on piece turned out darker than the rest of the stock. I remember reading somewhere you can bleach the stock to make it lighter. I don't remember what they used to accomplish this. Does anyone know?
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If you need it at some time in the future, the bleach you asked about is Oxalic acid. Most any paint store has it. It comes in crystals, and you disolve them in water.

After bleaching, pre stain is very good to use for more even penetration.

For this go 'round, it is what Capt. & Stretch said.

You might try to heat that ares up some with a hair dryer before using a thinner. ...... Best o' luck.
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