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Blissdom Michigan ML

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Someone I know had a .45 muzzleloader replica marked Blissdom Michigan. I had never seen one like it before. I tried googling it but came up with zero. it was a cheap looking thing but balanced real well comparing it to my .36 Pedersoli Frontier/Blueridge rifle. Had a Roman nose stock and a hunters star on cheekpiece. Just wondered if anyone had encountered one before.
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Did not find a picture but found information on it. It was Richland Arms Blissfield Michigan. Says here 1973. I think it was imported from Italy. Appears to be rare now.
Richland Arms made modern shotguns I know. A muzzleloader would be cool.
I think that's probably it. I thought it had brass escutcheons on the forestock though. It had a small plain hunter's star cheekpiece. I mean there was no circle around it. I liked the way it handled. It says only 35.5 inch barrel. The Roman nose is there for sure. I didnt get to shoot it. Why it is called a Yorkshire rifle makes no sense.
Hard to say why it is called what it is.. I was interested in your post and started looking and found that. Kind of a nice looking rifle actually.
Richland Arms was in Blissfield Mich, where I live. I remember being in there shop once years ago but didn't even know that they made firearms. They went out of business a long time ago, couldn't tell you when. Seems like I remeber seeing some of their shotguns but couldn't tell you more.
They were located in a old fur traders wharehouse. Every door in the place was a safe type locking door. The gun sales office was up stairs from the clothing store. The muzzleloaders came as finished guns or as a kit. I have a Yorkshire flint in 45 cal and a unfinished shorter rifle kit.
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