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Anyone using Blue Dot in a .357 with 200 grain LBT?

I do not have any 2400 and would like to work up some fairly stout loads for my .357 Ruger Blackhawk.  The only other .357 I have is a newer 92 Win.


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Haven't had much luck with the Blue Dot using this heavy bullet in the .357 Magnum.

Here are a few that have given excellent reuslt in the past however.

All loads in Winchester Brass, Delivering about 1200 fps. from a 6" Ruger BH.

.358"-200g FNGC/11.2g 2400/WSPP
.358"-200g FNGC/11.9g H110/WSPP
.358"-200g FNGC/12.3g IMR 4227/WSPP
.358"-200g FNGC/8.9g HS7/WSPP

Sorry, nothing for your Blue Dot, but hope these help!

God Bless,

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