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Bore Cleaners

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Does anybody use Ed`s Red Bore Cleaner? You know
1 Part Dexron ATF
1 Part Kerosene-K1
1 Part Aliphatic Mineal Spirits
1 Part Acetone
I have good luck removing lead from revolver barrels and cylinders. Hey guys if this is a No No, let me know.
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It seems from reading the web lots of guys use this with good results. I use a slightly modified version, which I feel is closer to the original Frankford Arsenal formula and it too works well.

Be aware that deodorized kerosene, aliphatic mineral spirits, naphtha etc. are all pretty much the same thing. They are all petroleum distillate with a flash point (where the vapors will catch fire) in the 100-150 F range, and with in most cases the 'unsaturated' and 'aromatic' parts refined out (they are the parts that have more noticeable odor, also they are often better solvents - toluene and xylene are examples).

Anyway I mix the stuff with 1 part each of Dexron and acetone and 2 parts of Goo Gone. Goo Gone is a blend of odorless mineral spirits and limonene, which is basically orange peel oil. The original Frankford Arsenal formula had one part of gum turpentine in it, and Ed Harris decided to leave it out because of cost and availability. Anyway both turpentine and limonene are chemically similar, and have similar solvent properties. Notably, they are much more powerful solvents for gummy, tarry and sticky messes than aliphatic spirits alone.

This mix is expensive unless you can find Goo Gone in larger containers. The typical 8 oz. home sized ones cost about &#363 to 4. If you can find it in half gallons or gallons, the unit price is much less. Goo Gone is normally sold at hardware and variety stores. The last time I bought some I found it in quarts at a True Value hardware store for &#368. As I said it is much cheaper in gallons.
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