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Bowl Wax as Bullet Lube

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A while back, I asked on this Forum whether anyone had tried using toilet bowl wax for bullet lube. I got various recommendations on recipes for homemade lubes that use it, but no one seemed to have used the stuff straight.

Well, I finally got around to giving it a try, since I finally ran the old lube out of my sizer. I got a ring of Fluidmaster Bol-wax, and used it straight.
The stuff goes on very much like Saeco Gold, and requires minimal heating ( no heating if you lube on a warm day ).

The proof of the pudding is in the shooting - and my target velocity .45ACP loads shoot every bit as well as Saeco Gold or Green do. Without a bit of leading. So, now I know to by my bullet lube in the plumbing aisle!

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On the sbject of bullet lubes it came about on a rimfire BR session and the never ending search for accurate ammo I had some CCI green tag that has only a minimal amount of their own lube.

Mixed up a batch of Lee Alox and some turps to thin the mix at least 50% and with the tray of 100 rds come in makes the job less messy then dipping the rounds to just on the brass, allow to drip dry, store as usual.

The point being the CCI std vel stuff was only an average performer at best giving about 3/4" at 50 yds, but the same ammo with the different alox coating shrunk the groups to just over half of their stock lube coating.

Good chance different lube mix with your own recipe will change average ammo into good match or practice ammo, similar batches worked the same on HV ammo shrinking their grouping performance and works best on projectiles with external grooves in their sides, usually left empty, but filled up they do perform better.
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