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I guess this will go to you Marshall.  I plan on lapping my 1894P and 444 Outfitter tomorrow.  Lapping is no problem as I have done it many times.  What I have never done is break in a fresh bore per your instructions.  I have you instructions and they are clear.  My question is how powerful do these break in loads need to be and can I use cheapo bullets (240 gr .432 lswc in this case) for the break in process and save your bullets for targets.  If that is the case, what load would you recommend to break in the bore?  A long time ago I made very light loads with 170gr lead bullets with 2400 for my sons 30-30 and they worked perfectly for light plinking.  Is this on track for the 444?  I always appreciate your counsel.

God bless....................  Bill M

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I moved your thread to the Gunsmithing forum, simply because it is a good question that has application beyond just leverguns, and I want others to find the information as well!

To answer your question, yes, any of the inexpensive bullets you mention will work fine for break-in purposes.   And, what you mention about light to moderate loads is exactly the ticket for break in!

Use light charges of 2400 or Unique in your .444 and you will have a fun time breaking in those barrels.  

Velocities with cast, to begin with in a new barrel, or newly lapped barrel should be kept under 1200 fps for best results until the bore is conditioned and "seasoned" as outlined in the Technical Guide.

Let us know how your project goes my friend!

God Bless,


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