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Breech cleaning..

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On my new, old 94, the crown is great and I want to keep it that way. I clean my Marlins from the breech after disassemble but can't seem to find online, really clear instructions regarding tear-down for the Win.
I'm very capable and can strip and reassemble my Ruger Mark 2 pistol for example but am unsure with this gun and don't want to screw up.
I guess my question is how hard is it to get the bolt out are most of you-all getting the job done?
When cleaning from the muzzle, is there a preferred bore guide that is popular?
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I've been cleaning mine that way for some time now. Use good screwdrivers to do it.

Ive been re-thinking some since the invention of boresnake? Low presure loads like 30-30 Winchester just don't foul a bore all that much.

"Hardware store screwdrivers" cause more damage than anything else that I have seen!

Another method is to "flood the bore" with solvent. I'm a "fan" of that method. Takes time, but works well in my experience. Let the chemicals do the work!

I "VOTE" boresnake or similar for most!

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