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got the idea of putting a brockman front sight unit (the one with the protective wings on the sides designed to replace stock marlin 1895) with the tritium insert to replace my current fiber optic/stock combo

and for the rear sight mounting an LPA picatinny rail sight (bar 11w) with the tritium aperture (d3):

wondering if the lpa sight will be too tall for the brockman front sight... in which case i'd have to just by the brockman front sight blade only with the tritum insert and by a .25" riser block from midway to raise the dovetail by 1/4" ... keeping the factory unit... downside to this would be it wouldnt have protective wings on the side, and I do a lot of hunting in thick areas

I would be putting it on my marlin 1895 22" rifle which has a 7+1 extended mag tube and xs lever rail on it right now

what does everyone think?
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