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Brownell's Cylinder reamer

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My new ruger 45 colt has a .4515 bore and .450 cylinder mouths.  SInce My brother has the same problem with his 45 and my boss has the same problem with two of his 45s, we all went in on the reamer.  The pilot is .448.  Can this be shimmed up with masking tape or something as the pilot kit is an extra &#3635?  
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  there are shade tree mechanics and shade tree gun smiths and they have one thing in common. They often mess up a project by trying to do things jake legged.
What is your gun worth? &#36250? &#36400?
 what is a &#3635.00 reamer guide compared to the value of your gun?
 Just my opinion.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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