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Brownell's Cylinder reamer

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My new ruger 45 colt has a .4515 bore and .450 cylinder mouths.  SInce My brother has the same problem with his 45 and my boss has the same problem with two of his 45s, we all went in on the reamer.  The pilot is .448.  Can this be shimmed up with masking tape or something as the pilot kit is an extra &#3635?  
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the pilots aren't too expensive...i think &#3635 or so for a package of them ranging in size from .448 to .451 or so??? compare this cost to a new cylinder...or a &#36225 unchambered cylinder from bowen. and i have also had bad experiences with some gunsmiths (had one literally RUIN a NIB super blackhawk years ago and he went ballistic when i told him i wouldn't pay for it) so i say buy the right tools and do it at home if able. the reamer should be useful for a long time too since i'm not sure why anybody would actually want to buy a sixgun chambered for anything other than .45 colt...
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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