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Brownell's Cylinder reamer

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My new ruger 45 colt has a .4515 bore and .450 cylinder mouths.  SInce My brother has the same problem with his 45 and my boss has the same problem with two of his 45s, we all went in on the reamer.  The pilot is .448.  Can this be shimmed up with masking tape or something as the pilot kit is an extra &#3635?  
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Matt, if you're talking the current Ruger guns then the .448 pilot is probably perfect.

Without a pilot I would not try to use a reamer.  Too much chance of screwing it up.  So just see how the .448 pilot fits before you try anything.

Yes you can shim a pilot but tape is usually way too thick, probably 0.004" on average, maybe more.

Go slow, use plenty of cutting oil.  Only you can judge whether your mechanical abilities are up to this task.  It is not really too different from tapping a hole for threads, so if you can do that, you can probably do the cylinder.

I myself like to do such things but also recognize that I could screw it up and am willing to pay the cost to have someone else fix it, if necessary.

Let us know how it turns out.
Matt, if you're running a 4-jaw then have you tried some aluminum shims (from soda cans, etc.) to pad the jaws?  Assume that's how it got scratched.

Sounds like you boys are pretty well equipped and know what you are doing.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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