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I have a Browning 1885 in 45-70 that I have had for approx. 15 years.  I have shot it a lot with jacketed bullets and it shoots them all nearly into one hole.  I have a 4X scope on it as I am diabetic and my eyesight isn't like it once was.  

My question is.  If I start shooting lead bullets in it should I fire lap it?   Having fired many rounds through it, is there still reason to go through this process?

Thanks for your support and may God Bless you in all you do.


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    I certainly don't have Marshall's experience, but I think this one falls into the "try it and see" category! I shoot cast bullets in four rifles, they will all shoot them quite well, and only one has been fire-lapped. Try the cast bullets first, sized to Marshall's recommendations, and I bet the rifle will tell you it's likes. Then, if there is a problem it can be addressed! Hopefully your experience will be like mine with the rifles. My revolver, that's been another story....            :biggrin:   ID
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