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I've never understood the reasoning behind not hunting with a gun because it has good wood on it. Most of my rifles have exceptionally fine pieces of timber on them and do get used. I'd much rather have a nice piece of walnut on my rifle than I had beech. It is a hunting rifle, use it for what it is. Admire the wood, but hunt with it.

I also disagree the Japanese made Winchester. The Miroku made Winchester's are excellent firearms. I do believe the 1895 Miroku made Winchester I have is one of the highest quality production firearms made right now. As bad as I hate to admit, Miroku went to great pains to ensure a butter smooth action and excellent wood to metal fit, much better than Ruger is detailing their No.1's these days. We have no trade embargo with Japan, as a matter of fact, many U.S. businesses exist to export their products to Japan. It was the Japanese that brought Deming, Juran and Crosby's Quality Management methods to the forefront, ensuring customer satisfaction above the bottom line of the company. Point being, why buy the hideous cross-bolted safety Winchesters that were being shoved down our throat, or the key locking Remington's when they have competitors out there (our allies) that are producing exactly what we want without compromise? If you buy American products faithfully, the American companies have no reason to continually improve. It is only through competition that advancement occurs. Right now, Ruger, Remington and Winchester are starting to see encroachment onto their turf by CZ, Beretta, Miroku, and other high quality manufacturers, and hopefully we will start getting what we, as customers, are asking for, instead of what is being forced on us by the manufacturers.
1 - 1 of 24 Posts
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