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Timberwolf, I go along with Gatofeo on the Marlin.
Iam on my 4th 1895, the previous 3 were old style without the crossbolt safty and the Mirco Grove bbl. I have one of the new ones with the crossbolt safty and ballard rifleing. The new Marlin is much friendlyer towards cast bullets than the old ones. I had mine ported and added an old shotgun recoil pad I had (about 1" thick) and added the Ashley ghost ring sights. If iam out hunting or shooting and get a scratch or ding in it, then it happens. My boss has 2 of the new japanchesters (1886s)with matching serial numbers, one is a take down. These were a anniversary gift from his wife. He got one and had to wait on a list for a year to get the other. He bought brass and bullets for them and I wound up with the brass and bullets because he dint want to take a chance on scratching his guns. He now keeps them on display in the shop. He has about $2500.00 in display guns. If I buy a gun Iam gonna shoot it:p.
Price is another factor for the marlin over the Winchester. Which ever you decide on enjoy shooting it. :D

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1 - 1 of 24 Posts
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