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O'kay fellow sportsmen, here we go. Which of the following two rifles would you rather have and why: Browning 1886 carbine in 45-70 or the Marlin 1885 (Guide Gun or Sporter) in 45-70? What is your opinion about their general accuracy, handling quality, ability to handle stiff loads, and ability to cycle loads with longer bullets.

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Timberwolf :eek:
I own USRAC/Winchester 1886 rifle, Browning M71 carbine, and Marlin 1895 GS. Unless you prefer stainless steel major parts to chrome molybdenum steels, the correct answer is a question: Which weighs more, five pound of feathers or five pounds of lead?

I find my Browning High Grade M71 to be smoother to cycle off-the-shelf than the other two. I suspect the Browning's initial difference to be a reflection of the price difference -- more money invested in fitting and finishing the action.
1 - 1 of 24 Posts
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