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I see your A-Bolt is left handed.  I bought a L-H A-Bolt in 375 HH.  Took it to the range last week and put about 25 rounds of 300 gr. factory through it.
Fun gun.
The recoil seems to a little less to me than the 300 Win. mag I used to shoot alot.
Mine also has the Boss system.
Did not get to spend time trying the adjustment as I was just seeing what the rifle would be like in the recoil dept.
I mounted a very cheap Tasco 2 power shotgun scope on it and the scope seemed to hold up fine.  The reticle in this scope has a circle over a plex and would be great for hunting.  I will give this scope a go until I put a better varible on it at a later date.
It's amazing how the long 375 case ejects from the port of the A-bolt as the port seems to be too short for this round.
Good luck with your "A".
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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