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Well guys I am about to purchase a Browning Blr takedown pistol grip in the 300 WSM.

I currently have a Marlin 336SS and absolutely love it. I just love lever guns and decided I wanted to get something a little bigger to hunt some moose or bear.

Really hating to tote along a heavy long gun through the woods was another reason for going with the BLR WSM rifle.

I am thinking of putting on a Leupold VX3 2.5-8 with the boon and crocket reticle.

What I would like to know is the following:

1. Does anyone have the same gun and if so how do you like it?

2. What scope is everyone putting on the BLR?

3. I am a pretty good shot and was wondering what everyone is getting for an average group from the BLR in 300 WSM.

Any thoughts or opinions on my choice of gun is always appreciated. Do not worry about offending me as I have thick skin and sometimes am hard of hearing (according to my wife anyway).

Regards all.

Bill Kemp

p.s. I am new to this forum and this is my first post.

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Hello Ben:

Thanks for the info. Well the gun that I ordered actually came into the store. It was being sent from one store to another and took about 5 days to get it shipped in.

When they showed me the gun I was completely in shock. I cannot believe that this gun was not sent back to Browning right away. It had the worst checkering job I had ever seen. They completely understood my dissappointment and the decision not to purchase the gun.

One thing lead to another discussing various guns and calibers and my salesman (nameless) said that they had a gun that was in the caliber that I wanted 300 WSM but it was a shot show special. It was the Browning Blr Gold Medallion model. I had not heard of this model and when he showed it to me I was in absolute shock. What a beautiful gun.

I really hesitated and finally asked the big question (How much) and to my surprise it was $300.00 more than the gun that I just told them that I did not want. This gun is not the takedown model that I wanted but the stainless barrel and engraving make up for that feature (at least to me).

I ended up buying the Gold Medallion in the 300 WSM and am tickled pink. I am looking forward to testing it out.

I will be putting a scope on it soon so I will have to make a decision about what to get for this baby.

(My wife made the comment that she wanted me to go hunting for a bear so she could have the typical bear skin rug for the fireplace) so with that in mind I am going to make this gun the one that I go for a bear with. I have never hunted bear but my buddy has some land loaded with them up north and he and some of his friends have gone.

Anyway, please let me know your thoughts about a scope for this gun. I was thinking of the new Leupold VX3 with the CDS system on it but I have to look into what sizes the CDS system can go on.

Hope to hear opinions.


Bill - The new Browning Blr owner
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