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Has any one used a BSA Bore Sighter?

I bought a BSA bore sighter kit from MidwayUSA last week. I wanted to use it to align a new Nikon 3 X 9 on a Remington Model 7 in .223 cal.

I installed it as per directions and inserted the .22 arbor with the attached optical device and raised the rifle to look thru the scope I was installing. The device (which is top heavy) just rotated to the bottom of the rifle. The arbor acted as an axle when the optic rotated to 6 O'clock on the barrel.

There is a brass wire attached in a groove in the bottom of the arbor. The wire is attached at one end and is slightly raised. The customer service at BSA said that I should, "Use a "stick" to pull the wire up so the arbor fits tighter". The customer service lady's use of the term "a stick" suggests that... maybe her technical expertise is less than the folks who regularly use this message board.

Can anyone here make a recommendation? Even if the suggestion is to "use a stick".
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