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BTB .44cal 250g WFN load for .444 Marlin

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Just bought some BTB .44 cal 250g WFN for my .44 mag then thought they might be good for the .444Marlin. I'm looking for a starting point for a 16" Outfitter P, keeping the velocity at 1100 for white-tail hunting. It's got a wide meplat which should be excellent for deer hunting without being too punishing to the shoulder. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
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I use about 41.3 grains of H-4198 (3.1 lee dipper, measured on my Lyman 1000 scale) with a RanchDog RNFP TL which is a 72% meplat bullet in my T4. It's much more velocity than you want. I've used 2.5 Lee Dipper with the same bullet and powder. I've also loaded 13 grains of RedDot for a good medium velocity load.

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