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I'm sure this topic has come up in many different forms, but I'm new here and looking for some info on different lubes for cast bullets. I've been using Red Rooster, and more recently, Lyman Orange. I'm curious what you guys have found to be a good all around bullet lube for the cartridges I'm about to list. I cast and shoot mainly for handguns ranging from 32H&R at 1000fps to 357 Max at 16-1700fps to the 45ACP at 800-1000 fps with pretty much everything in between. I have some moulds for my 7mm TC/U and would like to get one to shoot in my 30-30 rifle. What bullet lube would you recommend for all my handgun bullets up to 1700fps, and is there one that will also work well with the last two I mentioned. The 30-30 and TC/U will be in 22-2400 fps range with gas checked bullets. I'm looking to find a good lube that will cover all the bases because I hate having to change/waste lube in my Saeco sizer and it's a pain to do. As you guessed from the lubes mentioned, I use a heating plate and am only interested in harder lubes because I do bullets in large batches that are sometimes stored for extended periods after being sized/lubed. Any info on this matter is greatly appreciated.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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