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Bullet recommendations for .348 Win

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I just traded for a Browning 71 in .348 Win. I can find Win loaded ammo and Hornady and Barnes bullets locally. Any thoughts on other available bullets? What about making it into a .348 Win AI?
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As I paid the deposit for a M71 last monday, I have read this discussion with great interest.

The Barnes 250 seems to be the right bullet for moose, but also the Hawk 250 grs would be fine. But there are two other bullets, whick also could work fine, at least theoretically: the heavy Hawk 270 grs and the Alaskan Bullet Works' Kodiak 250 grs. Anyone have experiences and opinions about these?

Fine patterns! Yesterday I ordered a box of Barnes 250 grs, which I unexpectedly found at a dealer. Last box - next one will have to be ordered from abroad.

Handloader Magazine checked - they have the article, and there is a online subscription to an affordable price. Thank for the tip!

1 - 2 of 19 Posts
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