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Bullet recommendations for .348 Win

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I just traded for a Browning 71 in .348 Win. I can find Win loaded ammo and Hornady and Barnes bullets locally. Any thoughts on other available bullets? What about making it into a .348 Win AI?
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Depends on what you're going after. If it's deer, the Hornady's will work fine and shoot well but for bigger stuff, I'd look at the 250 grn Barnes Original or 250 Woodleigh.

Barnes used to make X bullets in 200 and 220 grns. I have some of the 200's and kick myself for not picking up some 220's as well. If you see any of those, snap them up, they are excellent bullets in the 348, maybe one day Barnes will bring them back in the TSX and do a run.
Here's one you might consider... generally for those Browning rifles like yours, .349" in cast seems to work best.

BTB .348 Caliber Bullet Selection

Nice rifle, getting hard to come by, congratulations!
Marshall, I'd love to try those in my Browning but your foot note says the Browning throats are too short. Will they work if seated deeper?
The only one of those I've shot is the Barnes 250, I shot these 5 shot groups at 100 yards with my Browing and a Willams FP peepsight. The powders were H4831 and I think H4350:

I don't know if you are able to get Handloader magazine, but the latest issue has an article on the 348 Winchester in it. Northfork bullets also make a 230 grain bonded bullet for it.
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Good luck and if you bag something with it, be sure to post some pics!
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1 - 4 of 19 Posts
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