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I have been using the Remington 125g PSP intended for the Ruger mini 30. I am pushing it out of a bolt action Savage 30-30 at about 2650 fps. My wife has taken 2 whitetails at about 100 yards with complete penitration. I have done penitation tests with this bullet and have found it quite tough. My test consisted of shooting into catalogues at 75 yards.
8x57 Mauser- 170g Hornady 2700 fps---4 1/2"
30-30 150g Win PSP 2400 fps------------4"
30-30 125g Rem 2650 fps passed right through 5 1/2"
.50 cal round ball from muzzleloader-------1 1/2"
This was not much of a test, but it was a bit of fun. The muzzleloader did not penitrate very far but it sent the bundle of catalogues and the box they where in rolling a few feet away. The Speer 130g flat point is also good from what I have heard.
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