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Don't worry about questions, we're all here to learn.

Yes you can use 30/30 brass. You'll need a tapered expander button to neck it up. This installs in your sizing die in place of the "stock" expander button. It has a tapered end so it can enter the 30/30 case neck and expand it up to .321 or thereabouts. You could modify the one in your 32 Special Sizer die in a drill press with a file if you are into it.

You want the groove diameter (the widest part) of the hole in the barrel.

As far as what dies to buy, that becomes a personal preference. They are all good quality items. If you are trying to save every last dime, try the LEE dies. However, RCBS equipment has a lifetime warranty. You could even get a tapered expander with a call to RCBS customer service and explaining what you are trying to do.

Oh, and I'll give you &#3625 for that rifle. :biggrin:

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