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Bullets for the .405 Win.

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Hi Guys, Looking for some cast bullets with g.c.'s to feed my .405 95 Win.. Would it be possable to get 2000-2200 fps with this cartridge and cast G.S. bullets say 300-350 gr's.? I normally use RL-7 in my .405 it seems to be very accurate in rifle. Does anyone know of a LBT mold for this cal.? I know this is not a very popular round. Hope someone can help. Jack K.
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Hi, Jack:
  Lyman had a 288 grain round nose, mould #412263 listed in 1968 (Handbooks 22-45, so a long time). You might get lucky and find one. Check out NEI too.
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The</a> 412-325-GC-DD looks interesting.

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