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Burris Customer Service

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I own three Burris Fullfield scopes. While I own some other more expensive glass as well, two of these Fullfields (both 3x9x40s) have been the backbone of my medium hunting optics for several years now. I have had no complaints. They have always held zero and are very clear optics for the money. Earlier this year I noticed the oldest one had a small sparse ring of spots on the inside of the objective lens. You could not tell a difference at all looking through the scope, but it still bothered me a bit. The last thing I want is to find out my scope has a leak at dawn some crisp morning in the mountains, hills or plains. So I called Burris Customer Service in Greeley Colorado. I was not sure if I had sent the warranty card in on this one and I wasn't at all sure what they would say about an imperfection that was barely noticable on a ten year old scope.

Well they didn't hesitate a bit. "Your scope has a lifetime warranty, send it to us and we will fix it or replace it." They didn't ask for serial number or any warranty info. I could have been the 4th owner for all Burris knew.

I shipped it off the Friday evening of Labor Day weekend. It was signed for the next Thursday (9/9/10). This last Monday (9/20) I decided to give them a call. I was told it usually takes 2-4 weeks, but the rep asked me if I would like an update. Of course I would. He looked it up and I was given this report:

"The scope has been cleansed of minor internal debris, re-centered, resealed, recoiled, and fog tested. The parallax has been removed and the scoped is now parallax free at 100 yards." I was told it should be in route. That was Monday, it arrived UPS today (Wed 9/22) flawless, free of charge and it looks brand new. It was packed in a new box and well protected for shipping. It is the same scope (as evidenced by the serial number). Two and a half weeks including Labor Day weekend and just before hunting season is pretty good turn around in my opinion.

Best of all (along with getting it fixed) is that the folks I talked to and that did the work are good American people in a great American place like Greeley CO. They were courteous, efficient, and did a good job. Of my three Burris scopes, (all Fullfields and not the more expensive models), this is the only one I have ever had issues with, and it was minor. And it was fixed! Nice job Burris. I will certainly look very hard at a Signature or Euro Diamond model for the next higher end scope I purchase.
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Yes I think that Burris is now doing what Leupold used to do. I sent back a Leupold three times.
First time for not hold zero and they fixed the zero problem but removed my front lense and installed a piece of cheap crap that gave worse optics. Two more send backs to eventually strike a range shooter at Leupold that new what he was doing and he tested the scope and pronounced it crap. He sent me a new scope. However this new scope is NOT the same quality optics as my original scope . Leupold are still good but I think their repair service has gone down hill. They are not using the same quality lenses in repair jobs . Well that was my experience anyway. I would buy Burris over Leupold now.
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