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Check your PMs. I sent you an article on that very scope.

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anychance you coupd post that article for the rest of us?
always trying to keep up or at very least .......close!
Sorry, Somehow I missed this posting. Here's the article, cut and pasted from Guns & Shooting Online. And, for the record, I know for a fact that Mr Hawks is a HUGE fan of Leupold scopes, not Bushnell.


Bushnell Elite 6500 1.25-8x32mm Riflescope

By the Guns and Shooting Online Staff

The Elite 6500's are Bushnell's new top of the line riflescopes, competing in price and quality with four-star-plus riflescope luminaries such as the Leupold VX-3, Sightron SIII and Swarovski AV series. They offer a very wide 6.5x magnification range and are advertised as "the world's most versatile riflescopes." Naturally, they are also Bushnell's most advanced scopes in terms of optical design, lens coatings (including Rainguard HD) and mechanical construction. These new 6500's are very fine scopes and you can see the entire line at Bushnell's web site:

Bushnell lists the following features for the Elite 6500 line:

6.5:1 magnification range
Rainguard HD coating
Fully multi-coated optics
Magnum recoil-proof construction
One-piece, hammer forged, aluminum alloy main tube
30mm tube
100% waterproof/fogproof/shockproof construction
Dry nitrogen filled
¼ MOA fingertip, audible click, windage and elevation adjustments
Push-pull resettable windage and elevation adjustments
Highest resolution and widest field of view of all Bushnell scopes
Up to five inches of eye relief
Elite Bullet-Proof Warranty
"No Questions Asked" one year replacement (US only)
Bushnell's Rainguard HD deserves special mention. Bushnell describes it as a permanent, water-repellant lens coating that prevents fogging by causing condensation from rain, sleet, snow, or even your own breath to bead-up into much smaller droplets than on standard coatings. Smaller droplets scatter less light, which results in a clearer, brighter view. We have used Rainguard extensively in the field and it works as advertised.

Most of the features listed above are useful. However, as a practical matter, we must admit that we consider the 6.5x zoom range to be more of a talking point than a necessity. In reality, a 4x zoom range is plenty for almost any riflescope. The Elite 6500 reviewed here is the 1.25-8x32mm model big game hunting scope and it is hard to see what it can do that a 2-8x big game hunting scope (a 4:1 zoom range) could not do equally well. In a varmint scope, the same situation applies. A 4-16x varmint scope (4:1 zoom range) on a heavy barrel varmint rifle is just as useful in the field as a 2.5-16x varmint scope (6.5:1 zoom range). Just how often will a varmint hunter want to use the 2.5x low magnification capability of a 6.5:1 zoom scope? Does a 2.5x minimum magnification have any practical advantage over 4x for varmint shooting?

Consider also that the wider the zoom range, the more compromises must be made in the optical design. Given the same level of technology, at any given price point a wider zoom range inevitably results in lower image quality. A 3:1 magnification range (3-9x, for example) has long been considered about optimum in terms of image quality, if not marketing sizzle.

Because the Elite 6500 line is built to a higher price point than previous Bushnell scopes, our 1.25-8x32mm test scope delivers very good optical quality despite its wide magnification range. The view through the scope is sharp and clear with good contrast. Optical aberrations are well corrected and coma is minimized. The multi-coatings do a good job of reducing flare and internal reflections. Eye relief is about 6" at low power, which is exceptional and makes this scope a fine choice for the hardest kicking rifles. The Bushnell Multi-X reticle, a Duplex type, works fine. Here are some specifications for the Elite 6500 1.25-8x32mm riflescope.

Model number: 65-1832M
Finish: Matte black
Objective lens diameter: 32mm
Reticle: Multi-X
Field of view at 100 yards: 60 feet at 1.25x, 9.7 feet at 8x
Weight: 15.8 ounces
Length: 11 inches
Maximum eye relief: 6 inches
Exit pupil diameter: 14mm at 1.25x, 2.6mm at 8x
Adjustment range: 75 inches at 100 yards
Mounting length: 5.9 inches
2009 MSRP: $719.99
Worth noting is the test scope's substantial weight, despite a modest diameter objective lens. With a mount base and rings, you will be adding about 1.5 pounds on top of your rifle. This weight is due to the 30mm main tube, as well as the extra elements required by the 6.5:1 zoom range.

We used Leupold STD bases and rings to mount the 6500 on a brand new Winchester Model 70 Super Grade .30-06 rifle that arrived for review shortly after the Bushnell scope. The Model 70 Super Grade is Winchester's best rifle and the Elite 6500 is Bushnell's best scope, so they seemed a natural match.

We have always felt that a scope should complement its rifle and this pair is a good example of that philosophy in action. The Elite 6500 1.25-8x32 is an extremely versatile big game hunting scope, the .30-06 is an extremely versatile big game hunting cartridge and the Model 70 is one of the world's best and most reliable hunting rifles. You could take this combination anywhere in the world on a CXP2/CXP3 mixed bag hunt and never feel out of place or be left wanting.

This scope offers a lot of mounting latitude and mounting it on the long action Model 70 easy. Its modest 32mm objective lens allows the use of low rings, which is always an advantage. We found the fingertip windage and elevation adjustments accurate and easy to use. The pull-up resettable knobs worked properly and are much more convenient than the old type of knob that requires removal and reattachment by Allan wrench. In short, we could find no serious faults with this scope.

As Bushnell has extended their Elite riflescope lines upward, they have made improvements commensurate with the increased retail prices and the Elite 6500 line is no exception. We compared our test 6500 at the range to a Leupold VX-3 2.5-8x36mm scope and found little to choose between the two scopes. Both are high quality scopes with excellent optics and are sufficient for virtually all big game hunting. Both are easy to mount and easy to adjust. Reputable firms stand behind both scopes. Both scopes are 11 inches long, but the Leupold is considerably lighter at 11.4 ounces. The Bushnell has a wider zoom range, but we doubt that few hunters will ever use less than 2.5x, so that advantage is more theoretical than practical. The Leupold has sufficient eye relief for the hardest kicking rifles and the Bushnell's eye relief is even better. The Bushnell is also more expensive, a by product of its 6.5:1 zoom range. Basically, it is a "pick 'em" situation.

We think that it is fair to say that Bushnell's entry into the rarefied atmosphere of the four-star-plus riflescope class has been successful. The 6500 line is competitive with the best premium priced brands and Bushnell's Elite 6500's will be a force to be reckoned with in scopeland from now on.

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i also have to wonder the utility of 6.5-1 zoom range and the added weight!
True, a good 2-7 variable gives you nearly the same performance. But I find that I like the 1X or 1.25X on my low power scopes for close shooting with both eyes open. The top end of 4X or so might be a tad light shooting say 250-300yds too. Might be a perfect size (weight not withstanding) for a .338WM, .340WBY or similar if both caribou and grizzly were on the menu, for instance.

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I don't have the one in question but do have the Bushnell Elite 6500 2.5-16x50 and think its a very nice scope. It has taken a lot of stick and is still going strong. Apparently it has a lifetime warranty to boot. It's surprisingly light weight. Lighter then any other 16x scope I have at the moment at least. It has nice bright and sharp optics. The higher zooms the more it likes you to be aligned correctly with it though. I have the mildot version and that's only true at 10 so rarely stray from that.
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