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Bushnell 6500 Elite & Tactical

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Looking through Bushnell's website, this and other forums and review articles, I'm not comming away with a clear understading of the functional difference to me between the Tactical series with "Target Turrets" and the Elite with the "Push-Pull" turret. In 2.5-16x42mm everything looks the same on paper except the knobs for the 652164T (Tactical/Mil-Dot) and the652164MD (Elite/Mil-Dot). No Tactical in 2.5-16x50mm: IF Tactical takes the advantage in the 42mm mil-dots, does it hold against the larger obj./greater (almost 4 oz.) weight of the 50mm mil-dot elite. These are second image plane reticles, mil readings are at 12x. Generally, these get positive response. The 50mm mil-dot seems to be a "loss leader" with on-line prices below the 42mm scopes. I might be leaning this way. Thanks for your comments.
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MilDot is true at 10x on the 2.5-16x and there half stops at 5x. The 4.5-30x is true at 12x, half at 6x and double at 12x. Or at least on the ones I have this is so but they may have different models. Hope that is some help to you.
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