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'bye all....

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I seem to have worn out my welcome here. Rather than be banished, I just say goodbye... Thanks for everything. ==Bob
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Whoa, I don't know nor is it any of my business as to what precipitated your interpretation, but I sure enjoyed and learned from your posts. I would sincerely hope it isn't so serious it can't be corrected. It's not my place to offer advice, but I will anyway, "please think it over".

Same here.... thanks for the knowledge that you have shared.
I`ll thank you too! Don`t know what the problem is but there`s a lot of good people on this forum. Sure some could help in some way.        Take care,

I'm sorry you feel unwelcome here.  I sure would like the opportunity to talk with you, or have you email me as to why.  We've all been the richer for your input, and am sorry that you're moving on.

Please let me know what's going on, and how we can avoid such things in the future!

My best to you, and God Bless,

Hi, Bob:
    We may have a failure to communicate here. When we have regulars from all over North America and some from overseas we should recognize that words can have different meanings in different places.  I don't see what you're upset about, but then you may be reading something differently than I am.

     Although I've been reloading for over 30 years, I just started casting last summer and I've found your advice helpful. I hope you reconsider.

Hold on BOB!! I dont know what this is about or maybe none of my business. But dont runaway, Shoot me an email if you need to rant or whatever.  I highly doubt your welcome has ran out here.
pourboy: I've been scanning posts and can't find what it was that may have set badly with you.  Hang in there guy, we like your company. best regards
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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