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Hello oh great masters of divine wisdom,
I am thinking, and/or desiring to try to build a 45 caliber wildcat. My basic idea is a 45 Colt case stretched out to 444 or 375 Win length. Thus, creating a 2.5" overall length when loaded. I know this sounds like recreating the wheel, when the 444, and 45-70 are available, however the 45-70 won't work in the Winchester 94 BB action, and the idea of having a 45 cal 94 just keeps gnawing at me. I already have one on 45 Colt, so I guess this would be to that, as the 444 is to the 44mag. So.........
where, if anywhere would you suggest looking for a case that might be able to be formed to work in this project? I think the base diameter on a 30-40, and the 303 are both too small. Any ideas?

Thanks Much

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.303 and .30-40 base diameter is around .455 - .456", so nope, these definitely won't work for a .45 cal bullet.

Sorry, nothing else comes to mind.
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