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Liberals set to approve more gun registry funding
Last Updated Tue Mar 25 19:01:56 2003
OTTAWA-- Members of Parliament are expected to approve an extra $59 million for Canada's controversial gun registry Tuesday after the prime minister warned those opposing the vote they could face expulsion from the caucus.

Ottawa says it needs the extra money for the program, which is expected to cost $1 billion by 2005. It is hundreds of millions of dollars over budget.

FROM MARCH 25, 2003: Some Liberals may vote against more money for gun registry

Last week, there were up to 20 Liberals prepared to vote against the expenditure.

But Liberal whip Marlene Catterall said because the vote involved the spending of money, the prime minister considered it a vote of confidence in the government. She warned anyone opposing the measure would face expulsion from caucus.

Liberal caucus chair Stan Keyes said many of his disgruntled colleagues had changed their tune.

"You've either got to stand with the team and with the family, or you don't. I'm saying to you that there are not dozens and that there is no risk of the government going into … a snap election on this issue," said Keyes.

Opposition members insist the gun registry is a misuse of taxpayers' money.

Canadian Alliance MP Gary Breitkreuz says costs won't stop with the $1 billion. He says the government failed to report to the auditor general how much enforcement of the law would cost.

"Today the library of Parliament reported that the costs to enforce the gun registry could be a billion dollars in the next few years," said Breitkreuz.

Written by CBC News Online staff

Copyright © 2003 Canadian Broadcasting Corporation - All Rights Reserved
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