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The child wont be able to spell Gun, but I"ll bet Car, Knife, and Bat will be all right, along with a lot of other words than can be used as a weapon.
I hope if her parents ever need a LEO, I hope they be sure to tell him not to bring his Gun.:D

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Hi, Gents:
Needless to say this one stirred up a hornet's nest. All five Canadian lists and forums I check out are going wild. I expect that the school board's mailboxes, both E- and snail will be full of reminder of Mark Twain's quote,"God made the Idiot for practice, and then He made the School Board."

Some examples:

And from Dr. Mike, who's a far better writer than I am:
This letter is in response to the action taken by the Upper Canada
District School Board to attempt to ban a common everyday word because
of a single complaint by a single family.

You people have really made a major faux pas! No offense intended, its
the plain truth.

I simply can't believe you, who claim to be professional educators,
would take the mindless knee-jerk stance of actually BANNING a common
English word from the school curriculum for no better reason than the
histrionic whining of a pair of neurotic parents. Their problem is a
bone fide mental illness called "hoplophobia" and it was first clearly
described by Freud.

What's next? Will you ban the word "lady" because it offends some
feminists? How about any Victorian books using the word "******" in
reference to a burning brand of wood. Perhaps you should simply ban the
entire English language because I'm sure there exists someone who would
find each word offensive. May I suggest you read the Aesop's Fable of
The Man, The Boy, And The Donkey, available at:

By taking this course, not only have you shown yourselves to be without
principles or courage, but you have actually made the situation much
worse for the Sousas. You have just given the them their fifteen minutes
of fame for no better reason than that they are neurotically petrified
of the concept of a firearm. By strongly rewarding their dysfunctional
behaviors and beliefs you have further entrenched them in their mental
illness and made a meaningful treatment much more difficult.

I would suggest you read this article very carefully:

Raging Against Self Defense: A Psychiatrist Examines The Anti-Gun

In it, a psychiatrist examines the thinking processes of people like the
Sousas. You would do well to learn from your mistake and take steps to
avoid incorporating their mental illness into the workings of your
learning institution.

The next time you are faced with a demand by an obviously uneducated and
anxious parent, have the moral courage to gently but firmly inform them
that your school is not in the business of denying reality but rather
its job is to present it to our children so that they may learn. This is
the prime mission of any school, after all.

To the Sousas, I would invite them to take the Canadian Firearms Safety
Course. Not only will they meet some of the finest people around, but
they will also learn how their prejudices, like all prejudices, are
based in ignorance and are best treated with education.

As a final note, I would mention that I have been teaching the Eddie
Eagle Safety Program to our local elementary school with great success.
It teaches young children that guns are not toys but rather tools and
like any tool they can hurt or kill someone if abused or misused. The
children are given the following course of action to take should they
come upon an unattended firearm either at home or elsewhere: Stop! Don't
touch! Leave the area! Tell a safe adult!

Unless you can absolutely guarantee that your child will never ever have
contact with a firearm (and short of imprisoning them in a closet for
life, you can't) then doesn't teaching them some basic survival skills
like the Eddie Eagle program make more sense that banning the word

M.J. Ackermann, MD (Mike)
President, St. Mary's Shooters Association
Box 3, RR 1, 4132 Sonora Rd.
Sherbrooke, NS
Canada B0J 3C0

My email: [email protected]

"Hope for the best, but plan for the worst".


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I wish someone in authority had the "brass balls" to stand up, look these air head people in the eye and say: "Get a Life". The school board is getting as bad as city government. When I worked there you better be careful what you say around females. I heard of cases where males were accused of 'sexual thoughts' when looking eye to eye at a female co-worker. Did know a few supervisors with "brass balls", but they were weeded out by higher authorities. Just glad to be retired and have adult kids.

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There are no room for "balls" let alone brass ones in any schools. The schools are where our societies young men are to be "de-balled" and all children are treated to enought socialist propaganda to make Adolph smile.

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Hi, Gents:
The politically correct got shook up badly, as the reaction was unexpected, sudden, massive and harsh. Next question, will the bliss-ninnys mind their own business or plan a counter-attack?

That poor kid has some seriously wrapped parents who aren't learning too fast, as the end of this article proves.

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