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I am glad I was born when I was (1947). I am not giving up shooting, but fear that my best days are gone. When the Canadian Customs officers give a Canadian peace officer a harder time trying to bring his evil high-cap magazines back into his own country than the American people do when he is entering the US, we know something is desparately wrong. Our government now has us over a barrel - register and have your guns taken away, eventually - or - don't register and take your chances on having some busy body rat on you and have them taken away anyway. Any of you that think there aren't people willing and waiting to squeal on us evil gunners is a fool, plain and simple. In part, we've done it to ourselves. Instead of pulling together, we've separated into finger-pointing factions of, "what do you need a MAGNUM handgun for?" and so on. I'm not trying to blame this whole mess on gunners, but we do need to mind our manners, now more than ever. My ex-mother-in-law (as an example) openly stated that she thought it was a good idea to "get all these guns registered". People like her would be on the phone to the police in a flash. Don't fool yourselves by thinking that there aren't cops who think that the gun registry isn't a wonderful idea, and will jump at any chance to take guns from people. It is usually the ones who do most of their patrolling from behind their desks, not the ones who are actually out and about. Be careful about who you talk to in unfamiliar territory. All it takes is one phone call, a visit from the police, a couple of unsafe storage charges - and she's all gone! We can still enjoy our guns, though, despite the troubles.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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