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Then enter the American sportsman into this mess.
I am an American citizen and live in Utah.
I understand that rifles and shotguns may be brought across the border, but at a fee of $50 each.
And it is strongly suggested -- perhaps mandatory -- that you have those firearms registered with the Canadian government BEFORE bringing them into Canada.
Anyway, that's my understsanding of it.
Since 1971, my family has had a modest log cabin in the Cariboo region of south-central British Columbia. We always brought a rifle, or a shotgun and a box of slugs, for protection against bears and two-legged predators.
No one thought anything of it.
Last summer was the first time I went up to our cabin without any firearm. I'd been warned by others that I'd be turned away, if not arrested, trying to bring a firearm into Canada.
I know not to bring any handgun into Canada. I usually bring my 1895 Marlin in .45-70 or Winchester pump 12-gauge with a long barrel for protection at the cabin.
Lately, I've been wondering if an American citizen can purchase a firearm in Canada. And if so, could I leave it at my cabin to avoid taking it across the border each time, and paying $50 to do so each time?
I'm thinking that a 12-gauge pump or milsurp rifle (.303 or 8mm) would be good guns at the cabin.
The advantage of these is that they break down. Thus, I could hide the (rifle) bolt or (shotgun) barrel separate from the firearm.
That way, if anyone stole the firearm they still wouldn't have a working gun. This would greatly reduce or totally eliminate my liability.
Anyway, American hunters and travelers MUST be aware that the days of easily transporting firearms into Canada are OVER.
I predict this hassle will hit the hunting economy of Canada very hard, since many foreign hunters enjoy the bountiful game of Canada --- but now they won't want to go through the hassle.
Thank God I can still bring my spincasting pole across the border so I can catch a few rainbow trout.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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