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Gatofeo: It's a double edged sword and it sounds like you aren't aware that it is equally as onerous for Canadians to transport a weapon into the U.S. now. If we plan to hunt there we have to pre-purchase a hunting licence from the State we are going to. There is some provision for attending competetitive shoots as well but I am not familiar enough with it to comment knowledgably but think it involves getting a permit from BATF or Customs. Lots of U.S. people are still bringing rifles and shotguns into Canada and the fee is $50.00 Canadian which is closer to $30.00 U.S. . I don't think purchasing a firearm here is very viable for you as it requires testing, licencing, gun registration , permanent address for storage, safe storage requirements which are not met by hiding the bolt. I think the fee is a one time thing for a declared firearm but am not positive . It may also be possible to declare more than one firearm but I don't know for sure. It is important to also declare it on the U.S side and get the U.S. customs declaration so you don't run into problems taking it back to the U.S.. I suggest you do a web search for Canada Firearms Center as you can get the information you require on it.
Where in the Cariboo? I'm in Willy's Puddle. Maybe we can make a meet one summer. best
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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