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I need some bullet and powder selection help for 94 Win Trapper. I have several full power loads with WFNGC 300 and 335 bullets and H110 that are quite accurate.

I got a 500 box of Laser Cast 255 SWC bullets and cannot find any medium vel. load that will shoot anywhere near as good as the full power loads.

I have tried W231, AA5, Unique, bluedot and 2400 with this bullet to no success.

I'm thinking that this gun doesn't like this bullet. Any suggestions on a popular priced cast bullet with proven accuracy in the carbines and rifles?

This load will be used for paper shooting at 50 and 100 yards and club lever gun matches.


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Load for Trapper


If your Trapper is like my Trails End then I suggest you check the Diamter of those bullets? I've noticed that My Trails End likes the bullet to be .453/4 to get the accuracy that I like:D If they are .452/1 they are not engaging the rifling enough-since I've been shooting the .453/4 bullets I've noticed that the leading in the barrel in greatly reduced as well. My Win 94AE absolutely loves the 255 SWC (Lee Mold)! It will shoot that bullet into a 1" or less group at 50 yds all day long!!

My pet loads for Win 94AE:
255 gr SWC, 9.0 gr, CCI300, OAL 1.540 at 1350 FPS
You would probably want to work up to 10 gr, so you can to get this FPS in the 16" Barrel. That would be Max load Speer #13. Good luck.

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Medium-velocity loads can drive you nuts. Those 270's should be just the ticket. Good luck & let us know how they work out. I used about 7.5gr. AA#2 with some very similar bullets to the 270gr. SWC and it worked well, Ruger-only, though.
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