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You're probably around max (don't know Lil gun) with the 300grs. Ken Waters was doing those vels with 225gr Speers. (Pet Loads 1/91) He was pretty conservative with the Trapper he was using, though. I think he was more concerned about case construction rather than carbine construction. He wasn't big on magnumizing the .45 colt for that reason.

That is the "pressure bulge" that you measure for excessive pressure. Waters' process is to fire a factory load and measure the max width at the pressure bulge and compare that to your handloaded. He advises staying within .0010-.0015" expansion, with .0020" being too far. You need a mic for this.

The problem is factory .45s are going to be wimpy, so you might need to build a moderate load baseline.

What cases are you using?

Waters found W-W cases bulged and compressed the extractor groove at the rim (in 1991). Federals, he said were beefier and didn't move as much. Both are far stronger than the older cases. But the FCs were the strongest found.

On another note: What sights are you using on your '92? I have the same in .44mag and I have trouble with the bead front and notch rear (they seem mismatched). I'm planning on adding an AO front blade and maybe later one of their peeps (reluctant to drill the receiver).


- Charlie
1 - 1 of 25 Posts
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