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Hello from Scotland:

I have recently been playing with my Lyman micrometer and some .444 cases. Im still getting the hang of it but like they say practice makes perfect !

I've have had my first go at evaluating case expansion with some of my home loads. With the benefit of 20/20 hind sight i can see were i went wrong and have learnt a lot !

To start with i took the average of my full length once fired cases 0.4647 also my once fired brass was probably a mix of different loads to start with not good.

I should have measured "each" case and kept them in order though out the test. I should have marked the rim to allow measuring in the same place.

The way things worked out i only tested three of each load instead of a larger amount.

And my measuring could still do with more pratice ! BUT as a learning exercise it was invaluable !

My slightly flawed results are as follows.............

BULLET = Lee 310




Load 1= 41 gn 0.4646 / 0.4648 / 0.4646

Load 2= 43 gn 0.4690 / 0.4657 / 0.4647

Load 3= 44gn 0.4682 / 0.4688 / 0.4674

Load 4= 45 gn 0.4658 / 0.4696 / 0.4692

#There are probably lots of errors that worked there way in ! :rolleyes: But its a start and i have learnt a lot. I can see lots of improvements that i can make.

are there any other .444 shooters who've been playing with there mic's ??


I would love to hear your thoughts and measurements to give me a comparison would be excellant !!

By the way Load 4 is grouping 3" at 100 yards with my Ashly gost rings and shifting at 1840 f.p.s


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Sorry !:rolleyes:

I forgot to mention there was "NO" signs of any changes in the primers, and case extraction was normal.

Load 5 is slightly compressed as is Load 4 if i remember correctly how much further do you think i could go ???

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