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case lube required?

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I have just started reloading with a Lyman 310 tool (.45-70) this tool neck sizes only, do I still need to lube my cases?
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You'll find best results if you lube the necks on your cases.  Good old-fashioned lanolin does a great job for the purposes of sizing with the 310 tong tool.  Don't overdo a good thing, just a little will go a long way!

That tong tool doesn't develop great whopping amounts of lerverage, and you'll appreciate a slickem on the cases :smile:

God Bless,

As Marsh says, with only neck sizing in the 310 you don't need much. I started w/the 310 and a 357Mag. used the oil from the side of my nose. This doesn't work if you've just washed your face. Pepe Ray
In a way, the 310 tool is less messy as all you really need to lube is the case neck. Can just use a bpad of lube, keep you fingers on the rear 1/2 the case, and just give the front/neck area a little roll before going in the die.

Sill use a tong tools for some loadings, even though I have other dies and a couple pf presses. Just kind of fun to load with the old tool; nice to be able to put a complete kit into a shoe box and haul it out to the field with you. Slow priming, but one of the best systems: has a positive, setable mechaincal stop, give the "feel" needed for bottoming primers, and you get a visual clue as well.
The 310 tool gets packed when I travel, I also take my size die from the bench press. If I NEED to full length size, I go to a buddys place (there's always someone that will let you use a press for a few minutes) to size shells, then take them where you're staying to finish loading. Also, Lyman USED to make full length size dies that were similar to the lee concept, just a die and a rod to knock them back out. They can still be found in old gun shops occasionally, or Randy at the "310 shop" has them sometimes. PS throw in a couple of lee powder dippers, and write down the charges each throws of various powders you use.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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