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Case Seperation

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I am wondering what would cause a case to seperate 11/16" up from the base. The case will seperate I know on the expansion ring if stretched too much or from excess head space.
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Just to be clear, you're saying these broke where the brass is thinner than it is where the case wall meets the head where the pressure ring normally forms by thinning? I've seen foreign brass that was thick further up the case than normal, so the pressure ring forms forward of the normal position. They were either Privi Partisean or Sellier and Bellot, I think?

Rocky may know more about the industry details, but I understand Remington now contracts out at least some of their brass and bullets to foreign makers, so there is some catch as catch can involved with quality. On another forum a fellow described complaining to Remington that two batches of Remington bullets he got had 0.001" different diameters even though the boxes were marked the same, and Remington told him they couldn't be expected to stock two kinds of boxes for an otherwise identical bullet. Right. These were pistol bullets apparently coming from different contractors, one of whom seems likely to be challenged at making English to metric conversions. Lowest bids can sometimes do that for you.

If you have more cases from the same lot, I would send Remington a broken and an unbroken one and let them look at them. If you have the original packaging with a lot number, give them that, too. Tell them the load you used in it. They may replace it? They should be made aware they are getting bad brass from the source of that lot, whether they replace it or not.

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