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Cast .41 bullets too Long

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I have a Taurus Tracker in .41 Mag, and ordered a box of Cast Performance 265 grainers the are .20 inches too long seated to the cannelure. Can I seat them below the cannelure if i adjust the load for diminished case capacity? Can I taper crimp them anyway?
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I had that problem with the same gun only with a 230gr Keith bullet. It was .050" too long. I used two approaches. First, I seated the bullet over the front driving band. This shortened the overall length by a good .1". Second, I trimmed a batch of cases .050" short (1.24"). This did not reduce the powder capacity as much. I liked shortening the cases better because the bullets just looked nicer and the powder capacity was not reduced as much. In any event, you must reduce the charge to account for the reduced capacity. I later shot the same bullets in my RedHawk. Some were in the normal OAL and some were seated in past the first driving band. The powder charge was the same. The velocity was almost 200 fps faster in the loads seated deeply.

I perfer a good roll crimp to a taper crimp in revolvers. I believe you would have to buy a special die to be able to taper crimp for the 41.

You might also look at the 255gr bullet. I don't believe it is too long for the Tracker.
twillis -

Thanks for the great idea. Trimming makes a lot of sense, and makes the rounds more reliable, as with the crimp the won't shift out and block cylinder rotation.
Your Welcome,

Afton? Were pretty close aren't we?
Does castperformance have two different style bullets in that weight? I shoot 250 grain wfnpb in my 657 mountain gun, but they are to long for my cousins taurus. The 250 wfngc (same bullets in federal factory loads ) work fine in the tracker.
Yes, one has a .275 nose and the other is .330. The 365 grainer I have has a .410 nose - too long for my Taurus Tracker (Medium Frame).
The BTB 265 gr. .41 bullet is not too long for my S&W Mdl. 57. The Smith .41 with the 265 bullet is my "walking around" gun out in the bear/mountain lion, wolves country.

It is, however, too long for my Marlin 1894S .41 Magnum.

The 280beartooth is the same way. I have to trim my brass to a min. to get them into by blackhawk. I have no problems with my redhawk, of course that cylinder's about lond enough to house a 454casull anyway. doug
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