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Where on Internet I can find cast bullets trajectory data; velocities from muzzle to, at least, 200 yards and bullet drop values? The interesting ones are for revolver, caliber 357, 41, 44 and 45, SWC and LBT. While searching through old Lyman manual, I found some surprising facts. Things got even more interesting when data were compared side by side. Even those scarce, very old data (weights were listed for linotype) changed my views on calibers and bullets considerably.

As soon as I collect enough info, I'll post them for your information and comments. It wouldn't be surprising if new data are going to be an eye opener for many of us.

I would appreciate if you could e-mail me wanted data or list web sites where they could be found.
My e-mail is [email protected] Thanks, Onty.

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Hi, Onty:
    If you've got the ballistic coefficient and muzzle velocity you can use the external ballistics calculator here. Click on the Ballistician's Corner bar on the left side of this screen.  Lyman #46 & #47 have the B.C.s for most of their cast bullets.  If you don't have either, email me with a list of the ones you want to check out.


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