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I have started to load cast bullets and really likes them for punching paper. But why only paper ? If I convert to cast bullets only, what will a .264 caliber 160 grains FNGC at 1800-2000 fps be capable of concerning game size ?

Please don't say "moose" since I already rate my 6,5x55 with jacked bullets as minimum for this....


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Provided you are using a soft-nosed bullet, (see Tip: or a bullet of BHN 15-16, deer sized game are quite dead out to 150 yards with proper bullet placement using your loads!  Fun to shoot, accurate and easy on the barrel, budget, ears and shoulder.

The key to using cast on game, especially those smaller diameter pills, is to test the bullets at the various ranges game will be encountered in an expansion medium of some type to make SURE that the bullets will expand, and not act like FMJ's on the grand game animal you're intending to harvest.

One easy way to do this, is to set up water filled gallon milk jugs at the various ranges of interest, then behind the jug a cardboard box tightly packed with rags which will catch the bullet.  This will tell volumes about the potential expansion of the bullet at the impact velocities of that range and what to roughly expect on game.... not a definitive answer, just a rough guideline to work with before heading to the field.

Enjoy those cast pills!

God bless,


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